Air Quality (Indoor and Outdoor)

Air Quality

In Public Health, we look at air quality and how it impacts human health. As you can imagine, in an indoor or enclosed environment, there are many sources of pollutants that can have an impact on air quality. These sources include mold, pets, plants, radon, formaldehyde, pesticides, cigarette smoke and asbestos. Improper or poor ventilation or air circulation in an indoor or enclosed environment can allow these pollutants or allergens to stay in the immediate environment where we live, work, sleep, etc. and can have a great influence on our health.

In Idaho, outdoor air quality is under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Outdoor air conditions can greatly impact human health as well, and Public Health works closely and cooperates with DEQ dealing with health impacts from poor outdoor air quality from sources like wildfire smoke and other particulate matter.

Idaho Smoke Information

This site is an effort by county, state, tribal, and federal agencies to coordinate and aggregate information for Idaho communities affected by wildfire smoke. The information is posted here by the agencies themselves