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Women's Health Check

Women’s Health CheckWomen’s Health Check provides breast and cervical cancer screening for older, uninsured women with limited family income and no other resources for these services. Early detection can reduce breast and cervical cancer mortality. This program is funded by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) as a cooperative agreement with the State of Idaho

through your Health District or a community clinic. Women’s Health Check is for women who:

  1. Do not have health insurance that covers mammograms or Pap tests (this includes Medicaid)
  2. Fall within the annual income guidelines
  3. Are one of the following:
  • >Age 50-64
  • >Age 30-49 and have not had a Pap test in 5 years or longer, or have never had a Pap test
  • >Age 65 or older and is NOT eligible for Medicare, or does not have Medicare Part B

Women’s Health Check includes the following:

  • An annual mammogram
  • A clinical breast exam
  • A Pap test and a pelvic exam
  • Follow up tests if needed

If something is found, Women’s Health Check will work with you to provide needed services. Most women with no health insurance who are found to have breast or cervical cancer through Women’s Health Check will be enrolled for cancer treatment through Medicaid.

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