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Idaho Public Health Events

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03-29-2016: Pre-Diabetes
01-07-2016: Stress: What is it and what can I do about it?
01-21-2016: Eating a Healthy Breakfast!




08-20-2015: Choosing Healthy Snacks 11-14-2014: Health Fair 09-05-2013: The Benefits of Whole Grain From Scratch
Tobacco Cessation Classes 11-18-2014: Stress Management for Children and Adults 08-03-2013: Big Latch On Event! World Breast Feeding Week
07-9-2015: Get Moving! 10-21-2014: The 5 Habits of Weight Loss Success 08-08-2013: Understanding Food Labels and a Healthy Diet
07-23-2015: Healthy Summer Eating 08-28-2014: Make Exercise Part of your Natural Routine 07-31-2013: Valley on the Move
Diabetes Prevention Classes 04-03-2014: HUMOR: Why Laughter is the Best Medicine 07-30-2015: Class Leader Training
Diabetes Prevention Events 03-27-2014" Whole Grains "Make Half Your Grains Whole" 07-25-2013: Fruits and Veggies: Power your Plate with Color
02-19-2015: Recognizing the Myths and Facts about Diabetes 03-06-2014: Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right on a Budget 06-20-2013: Calcium: Milk it for all it's Worth
01-05-2015: Make Hand Washing Part of your Natural Routine 02-20-2014: Fitting in Your Fruits and Veggies 05-21-13: Recognizing the Myths and Facts about Diabetes
    05-02-2013: POD Exercise 2013
    04-09-2013: Stress Management
    02-05-2013: Inspiring Eyes
    02-05-13: Periodontal Disease and Diabetes Event
    01-15-2013: Heart Healthy & Avoid Cardiovascular Disease if I have Diabetes

Idaho Public Health Districts Newsletter February 2016


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County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

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