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Land Development

Land development and planning is a specialized activity most often associated with long lasting effects. Anyone planning on dividing land for development must submit a subdivision map for review and approval to the Public Health Idaho North Central District Division of Environmental Health. It is recommended that the developer meet with Environmental Health staff before any site work or surveying have been started. The purpose will be to discuss platting requirements and determine possible limitations. There is a fee associated with review of all subdivisions. Public Health Idaho North Central District provides the following services:

  • Administer the Idaho Sanitary Restriction Law (Idaho Code 50-1326) for all subdivisions
  • Re-impose sanitary restrictions on subdivisions where water and sewer systems have been disapproved
  • Attend public meetings related to planning, zoning, and development
  • Provide consultation with developers, real estate agencies, engineers, and public agencies.
  • Review of proposed subdivisions

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