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EyePublic Health – Idaho North Central District (PHINCD) is committed to reduce the burden of diabetes by building community partnerships to promote Clinical Practice Guidelines for diabetes prevention and treatment based on science and evidence-based research, promote media campaigns, and participation in community-based programs and events. We are committed to raise awareness of the following:

  • Get yearly dilated eye exams
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Have blood pressure checked regularly
  • Have cholesterol levels checked regularly
  • Get recommended flu and pneumonia vaccinations
  • Get an annual foot exam
  • Have A1C checked regularly
  • See a dentist regularly
  • Have your knowledge of diabetes nutrition and self-management skills checked
  • Get a nephropathy screening

Diabetes Advisory Group Partnership

The Diabetes Advisory Group is an active, sustainable partnership engaged in activities related to promoting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Focus Areas.

The Advisory Group's goals include promotion of health messages from NDEP, Diabetes Prevention and Control Program Eye Disease Campaign, Clinical Practice Guidelines, and ABC’s of Diabetes. The Advisory Group's current on-going project is called A Health Education Series; health professionals are invited to offer diabetes-related health educational at the Snake River Community Clinic in Lewiston.

Diabetes Advisory Group meetings are held four times per year at Public Health – Idaho North Central District. Contact Deb Merica at (208) 799-0379 for more information.

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